nedelja, 19. februar 2012

Archive wines and Janez Bratovž's Special Dishes

When: 17.02.2012 at 19.00
Where: JB Restaurant, Miklošičeva cesta 17, 1000 Ljubljana

What: 4 specialy selected dishes made by Chef Janez Bratovž and 17 different archive wines from various wine cellers from Slovenian Styria region: Milan Hlebec, MiroVino, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o. (all from Prlekija) and Vinag Maribor from Maribor.

Chef Janez Bratovž


dry sparkling wine Royal 1998, Vinag Maribor.

First plate:

"Krško polje P
ig" terrine with pumpkin and sunflower oil, fresh turnip and fried

And archive wines:

- muscat ottonel 1993, dry, Hlebec
- rhine riesling late harvest 1991, semi-sweet, Vinag Maribor
- rhine riesling Bolfenk 2000, dry MiroVino
- rhine riesling 1992, semi-sweet, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o.

Second plate:
Ravioli stuffed with pistachios and ricota cheese and ravioli with pumpkin, guarana and parmesan cheese, celery cream

And another wines:

- yellow muscat 1996, semi-dry, Hlebec
- šipon 1992, sweet, Vinag Maribor
- šipon Bolfenk 1996, semi-dry, MiroVino
- šipon 1971, dry, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o.

Third plate:
Fish with cooked vegetables

This delicious dish was accompained by those 4 archive wines:

- sauvignon double magnum (jeroboam) 2002, dry, MiroVino
- chardonnay 1990, semi-dry, Hlebec
- sauvignon late harvest 1989, sem-dry, Vinag Maribor
- pinot blanc 1986, semi-sweet, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o.

Orange Cake

and delicious sweet archive wines:

- welchriesling selection 2003, sweet,
Vinag Maribor
- chardonnay selection 1996, sweet, Hlebec
- Fuga Mundi-magnum 2005, sweet, MiroVino
- welshriesling&rhine riesling late harvest 1999, sweet, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o.


Miro, Vanja, Janez, Mateja, Milan, Robert

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