nedelja, 16. december 2012

Prazničen kulinarično vinski večer s peninami v kleti Zidanice Malek

Where: Zidanica Malek, Svetinje 22, Ivanjkovci
When: 14.12.2012 at 19.00
What: Culinary and  sparkling wine (P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o.) evening with blind wine testing

We met on a culinary-wine evening at the wine yard cottage Malek and discover the new sparkling wines from wine cellar P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o.. We discovered the wines in a manner of Vanja’s blind wine tasting where identity of the wines with the course were hidden, but we disclosed them during an individual course.

For starter grilled cheese with pumpkin seeds, "postržjača" and anchovy cream
Sparkling wine, Brut, Jeruzalem Ormož 
Sparkling wine, Sec, Jeruzalem Ormož

The Oyster mushroom with shrimps


1. Sauvignon sparkling wine, Jeruzalem Ormož
2. Sauvignon Gomila Exceptional, 2011

Fried egg with white truffle sauce and black truffles


1. Rose Sparkling wine, Jeruzalem Ormož
2. Rose, Jeruzalem Ormož, 2009

Ravioli, filled with ricota cheese and sage, with haselnut sauce and lam


1. Furmint (80%) and Pinot Noir (20%) Sparkling wine (classic method)
2. Furmint Gomila Exceptional, 2011

Sweet Christmass desert


1. Welsh riesling, late harvest 2006
and a bit later delicious
2. Muskat sparkling wine

Life is full of colours... 
and so are excellent sparkling wines from wine celler P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o.

Next culinary and wine evening will be on 18.01.2013 at Tourist - Vinecultural farm Hlebec. More info soon!