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Visiting Ljubljana's Central Market with Le Cordon Bleu representatives accompanied by Mr. Janez Bogataj

Although it was a very cold and foggy Saturday, we were really happy to have had
a chance to visit Ljubljana's Central Market together with Mrs. Catherine Baschet and great Chef Philippe Clergue from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, accompanied by Mr. Janez Bogataj.

Mr. Janez, our expert guide showed us around the market and unveiled many secrets about the local products and producers. We tasted a lot and exchanged many views about how all these delicious ingredients could be used in the kitchen. Both French guests, Mrs. Catherine and the Chef Philippe seemed very delighted and excited. In addition, Philippe told us, that he would definitely include some of the exhibits in his recepies. We just can't wait, Philippe!

"The Pustotnik Cheese Farm" shop

On Pustotnik Farm about 20 different kinds of cheese are produced.

We tasted some of them...

Mr. Miha Levec, Krejan-Levec (mill, bakery, grocery and restaurant)
makes bread and other delicious products, made of ecologically grown cereals from Prekmurje farmlands.

Mr. Levec first explained how bread is prepared and baked.

And then he prepared a buckwheat cake with cottage cheese and corn meal.


Tasting of Prekmurska gibanica, Slovenian unique certificate protected dessert.

Later Mrs. Catherine and Chef Philippe tasted some other cotagge cheeses.

Walking through the Market...

Farm Pišek

Kodila šunkarna shop with their products Protected with a Certificate.

Already three generations have been working on the principle of knowing what you eat. And our guests were very happy to have had a chance to taste all these good Kodila's products.

Kraševka - domestic shop, where you can find traditional food products not only from Kras and Primorska but also from other Slovenian regions.

Before leaving, Mr. Bogataj surprised us with the result of his latest project...

...the book "Masterpieces with Kranjska Sausage from Slovenia", the work of an internationally acclaimed and award-winning author team: prof. dr. Janez Bogataj, Žare Kerin and Janez Pukšič.

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