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Workshop cod fish and wine - Kulinarična delavnica "Polenovka in vino" (drugič)

On Friday, 14th Oct., we met in Culinaric studio in Ljubljana and together with Klemen prepared five delicious cod fish dishes and enjoy in wines from two different cellars:
MiroVino, Kog, Štajerska Slovenija and The Wine Cellar Goriška Brda, Dobrova, Goriška Brda.

First we prepared Bacala ala Vicentina, beacuse the dish must be baken slowly for at least 5 hours.

Klemen showed us how to cut and clean cod fish after soaking it for 2 days in cold water

cod fish without bones and cut in pieces

baken onion for Bacala ala Vicentina

cod fish, cold milk, olive oil...

mmm... Bacala ala Vicentina after 5 hours

While the Vicentina was in the oven, we prepared Purrusalda (stockfihs with leeks and potatoes)

skinnig and boning the fish

cutting potatoes and leeks...

bruising the saffron in a mortar with a splash of fish stock

delicious Purrusalda

Home made pasta with bacalar, made of fresh cod fish

First we made bacalar, that we ate with with bread.
But some of bakalar we also used for making pasta.


Home made pasta with bakalar and parsley

Preparing Bacalao a la vizcaina (stockfish Biskay style)

After removing the bones, we sauté the fish for about 5 minutes on each side

While the fish was in pan, we diced bacon, prosciutto, garlic, parsley and red pepper.

cleanning and cutting red pepper

Bacalao a la vizcaina after cooking for 40 minuts and baking for 15 minutes

Miro Munda, the wine cellar MiroVino, Kog, Štajerska Slovenija was with us and during the dinner presented his wine (pinot blanc, rhine riesling "Bolfenk" 2000 and sauvignon 2002)
and wine from The Wine Cellar Goriška Brda, Dobrova, Goriška Brda (Rebula - sparkling wine, pinot gris 2010 and chardonnay 2010).

Miro Munda (MiroVino) and his sauvignon 2002


Happy team...


more photos

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