petek, 16. december 2011

Dinner with the KZ Metlika's Wine

Nice evening, pleasant company, delicious food and marvelous wines from KZ Metlika, Bela Krajina...

For the starter, Cheese lollipops and Metliška penina, semi-dry sparkling white wine.

First appetizer, meat spread with truffles and spinach with roasted pine nuts.

Rose and Blue Franconian Prestige

Next, home made ravioli, filled with chestnut puree and goat cheese, with pumpkin sauce and shrimps, accompained by Rose

Main dish, young horse meat with cognac and pumpkin puree accompained by Blue Franconian Prestige

And dessert, baked millet porridge with dried figs accompained by Kolednik brand - Late vintage, Yellow Muscat

KZ Metlika

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