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Valentinov kulinarično-vinski večer/ Valentine's culinary wine evening

What: Valentine's culinary wine evening 
When: 14.02.2014 at 19.30
Where: Zidanica / Vineyard Cottage Malek, Svetinje 22, Ivanjkovci 

We spent nice Valentine's culinary wine evening at the Vineyard Cottage Malek where we discovered the wines from wine cellar P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o. in the combination of a full menu in a manner of Vanja’s blind wine tasting. That means that the identity of the wines with the course was hidden, but we disclosed them during an individual course. 

This time, some of the wines, served at the event were chosen by some of the guests from the rich variety of wines that are offered at Malek! And they did really good job! All the wines were just perfect! 

For those, who missed the event... here are some details... ;) 

For the starter: Kanape with humus, corn salad and shrimps
Sauviugnon Sparkling wine P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o. 

Homemade ravioli with smoked Fonda Piran sea bass and dark Rustika chocolate - red pfeffer cream and beetroot spread


Rose 2011 
Chardonnay Gomila 2011
Rhine Riesling 2012 

Extra wine tasting was included:
Verus vineyards  

and wine celler Miro Munda 

Slightly spicy turkey roulade with spinach and salty caramelized tomatoes with white Rustika chocolate sauce

Sauvignon Gomila 2011
Chardonnay Gomila 2011Furmint Gomila 2012

Black and white Rustika chocolate  ganache with cognac, rose yelly and Magnolija rose leaves
Orange sorbet with Sec sparkling wine P&F Jeruzalem Ormož d.o.o.

Traminer Mitja's 2009 

Napovednik dogodkov/next events...



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